9/16 Changed my theme A few pages such as my "About", "FAQs", etc have also been changed to match my theme.
Elizabeth | 15 | Mexico You can call me Liz, Lizzy, or trash.

Dramatical Murder



are my life.
As long as they're a cutie, I will protect their booty.
I'm a blob of laziness but when i'm not I like to make crappy gifs and graphics.

Liz | 15 | Nerd

✔ Crazy fangirl
✔ Cries over fictional characters
✔ 95% trash

"Reunion will come"

My Noiz to my aoba
My Pico to my Boku no
My kinky butt cheek
My Kanneko to my Ken
My Nezumi to my Shion
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I must protect my children at all costs!!